Data Dictionary Downloads

The Data Dictionary is available for download in 2 formats:

  • Download the Data Dictionary in Adobe PDF format

    (1 file, 1.5MB - PDF)

    If you don't have Reader installed you can download Adobe Reader here.

  • Download the Data Dictionary as database-ready text files

    For use in databases (131 files, 103KB - self-extracting EXE)

    A user should review the information below before downloading the tables:

    The tables cover all Data Dictionary elements in the tenth edition except:

    • those without codes (e.g. name, date elements),
    • those with only "Yes/No" codes or "Yes/No" with a residual code (e.g. "Unknown"), and
    • those elements with codes maintained by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

    The tables are ASCII comma-delimited text files and include the code and the literal. The literals are enclosed by quotation marks to embed the commas included in the literal.

    The Data Dictionary titles of the data elements are employed as the name of each file except when a table is used by more than one data element. In that case, the title of the Data Dictionary table (e.g., New York State County Table) is used. Modifiers such as "( )" and "/" have been omitted from the titles. Residual codes referenced in the Data Dictionary are included in the tables.

    The user, in downloading the files, will need to format the text file consistent with the requirements of the database application being used.