Division of Criminal Justice Services

State Programs

Crimes Against Revenue (CARP)

Funds are used by the District Attorneys for the investigations and prosecution of those who violate tax laws. All taxes such as excise, sales, and income, are subject to CARP activities, as well as those who commit Medicaid, welfare, unemployment, workers’ compensation and asset forfeiture fraud. Investigations focused on individuals, corporations or industries and include complex financial fraud and tax evasion schemes by major criminal enterprises. The program will reclaim lost revenue and increase voluntary compliance with applicable laws. CARP is a self-sustaining program, supported with proceeds realized from investigations and prosecutions that resulted in tax revenue, fines and restitution which are returned to the state. Funding supports investigations and prosecutions in 22 counties and the New York City Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor. The program also has the goal of educating the public and increasing voluntary compliance with tax laws.

DA Salary Increase and Salary Support

Provides reimbursement to counties for District Attorneys salaries.

Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison (DTAP)

DTAP (Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison) is a unique prosecution program designed to divert prison-bound felony offenders to residential drug treatment. The program targets drug-addicted, nonviolent felony offenders who have previously been convicted of one or more nonviolent felonies. Thoroughly screened and selected by the prosecutor, qualified defendants enter a guilty plea and receive a deferred sentence that mandates their participation in a residential, therapeutic community drug treatment program and subsequent outpatient care for a period of 15 to 24 months. Those who successfully complete the program have their charges dismissed or reduced; those who fail are brought back to court by a special warrant enforcement team and sentenced to prison.

New York State Defenders Association

Provides legal education training and assistance to Public Defender Offices and Legal Aid Societies throughout New York State. Services include training, technical assistance, case digest system, and Public Defense Briefing Center Reports.

New York State Prosecutors Training Institution (NYPTI)

Provides continuing legal education and mutual assistance to New York State Prosecutors. In addition a 3 week Summer College is also made available to prosecutors in assisting them in fulfilling their CLE requirement. NYPTI Provides technical assistance to small upstate counties where these are limited resources. Updated Brief Bank provides Prosecutors with latest case information. In addition, they provide an updated Case Management System available for use by the District Attorneys Offices.

Paul Coverdell Fornesic Improvement Grants Program

Federal funds are awarded to 19 local (City and County) public laboratories to help support the purchase of vital fornesic equipment, achieve annual accreditations, reduce case backlogs and help improve the quality and timeliness of both forensic and medical examiners services.

State Aid to Crime Labs

Funding is awarded to 18 local (City and County) public laboratories in New York State. The program enhances their ability to promptly process forensic evidence, reduce case backlogs, maintain appropriate accreditation and compliment the enhanced statewide capabilities.

State Aid to Defense

Funding is awarded to 27 defense agencies in 25 counties and the City of New York. Funds support enhanced defense services designed to expedite the processing of serious and violent felony cases through the courts.

State Aid to Prosecution

This program consists of several components, that provide vital resources to District Attorneys to support the enhanced prosecution of repeat violent and serious felony offenders. The Aid to Prosecution Program consists of 62 counties. In addition, the Aid to Prosecution Program includes an award to the New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor.

Soft Body Armor

Provide reimbursement to police agencies throughout New York State for the purchase of bullet proof vests to new officers.

Westchester Policing Program

Funding supports police patrol services on three New York State parkways that pass through Westchester County. These parkways are the Cross County, Sawmill River and Hutchinson River.