NYS Intra-State XML Rap Sheet (Criminal History Report)

The 2008 publication of the NYS Intra-State XML Rapsheet IEPD represents the fourth NIEM-conformant IEPD developed by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Using the NYS canonical model, participating NYS Criminal Justice Agencies will be able to receive the NYS Rap Sheet in XML format. New York City's Integrated Justice eArraignment system will be New York State's pilot site for the receipt of the NIEM-conformant XML Rap Sheet. NYC is legally required to arraign a subject within 24 hours. The eArraignment System was developed to electronically transmit all necessary documents to aid in expediting the arraignment process.

The following IEPD (accessible through use of ZIP files) has been created for the New York State Intra-State NIEM 2.0-Conformant XML Rap Sheet. The schema is now being reviewed by subject matter experts and may be revised in the near future.  Also the new version will incorporate the use of mugshots.

NYS Intrastate XML Rap Sheet iepd (Zip file)