Division of Criminal Justice Services

Probation's Role in the collection of DNA samples is vital to New York's crime fighting and solving strategies

OPCA works with probation departments to ensure that each department has a policy in place that requires officers to identify cases that require DNA sample collection and to collect samples within 30 days of the probation officer's 1st meeting with the probationer.  Samples are collected using the Bucchal Swab.

Under current New York State law, all convicted violent felony offenders are required to provide DNA samples for inclusion in the

New York State DNA Databank as are certain non-violent felony offenders. List of DNA-designated offenses at DCJS site. Governor George Pataki has proposed legislation that will increase sample collection to include all felony and misdemeanor convicted criminals. The efficient identification of DNA designated offenders and the collection and analysis of their DNA samples directly enhances public safety and solves crimes. The number of convicted offender hits (matches to the databank) has reached nearly 1500, and last year, two individuals under probation supervision, one from Chautaugua County and the other from Onondaga County, were convicted of two high profile "stranger rapes." The convictions were due in part to probation staff collection of samples from DNA designated offenders.