Division of Criminal Justice Services

NYS Sexual Offense And Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

To request Kits, download the Sexual Offense Evidence Collection Kit Request Form and email it to dcjs.vawa@dcjs.ny.gov. Inquiries regarding Kit content or use should be emailed to dcjs.vawa@dcjs.ny.gov or contact:

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
Violence Against Women Unit
(518) 457-9726

The Sexual Offense Evidence Collection (SOEC) Kit was developed to create a standard protocol for hospital personnel to follow in the collection of evidence from persons involved in any criminal incident involving a sexual offense. It was established through the cooperative efforts of the State Crime Laboratories, the Division of Criminal Justice Services, the State Police and the Department of Health.

In 2003, the Division released a new Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) evidence collection kit to be used in conjunction with the SOEC kit in cases where it is suspected that drugs were used to facilitate the assault. You may download a Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Alert Sheet and a Release of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Screening Consent Form, by which a victim can authorize the release of the DFSA kit to law enforcement and prosecution personnel.

The Kits were developed to satisfy legal considerations in the collection and preservation of evidence. The evidence collection design permits the use of the latest tools in forensic science, such as DNA analysis. The Kits provide all the materials, instructions and forms necessary to meet the needs of medical and forensic personnel. Kits are provided, by the Division, free of charge to hospitals, rape crisis centers and law enforcement.

In addition, the Protocol for the Acute Care of the Adult Patient Reporting Sexual Assault has been developed by the New York State Department of Health. A protocol for use with child victims is also available. Copies may be obtained by contacting the New York State Department of Health, Rape Crisis Program, (518) 474-3664 (Website).