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SJS 7.x Minimum System Requirements – 7.0 to 7.0.7

Stand-alone Work Station (SJS 7.x): - NOTE: This version will no longer be supported due to Microsoft ceasing all support for Windows XP. This will be replaced by a fully supported version of SJS.

  • O/S MUST BE Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit with XP Mode
    Note: SJS will NOT run on MICROSOFT VISTA
  • Windows 7 with XP Mode is REQUIRED. Windows XP Mode comes as a separate download and works only with Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Windows XP Mode also requires virtualization software such as Windows Virtual PC. Both are available free on the Microsoft website.
  • 4.0 Gigabyte of RAM
  • 200 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive
  • 2 MB Video Card
  • Ethernet NIC Card
  • 17" (or larger) Monitor
  • HP Compatible Laser Printer
  • Uninterruptible Power Source

Network Server:

  • O/S MUST BE Windows 2003
  • 4.0 Gigabyte of RAM
  • 200 Gigabyte Hard Drive
  • Ethernet NIC Card
  • 17" (or larger) Monitor
  • Uninterruptible Power Source

New FBI Number Validation Patch

Change Description:

SJS contains an edit that ensures that the FBI numbers used by the application conform to the FBI standards. Beginning June 15th 2014, the FBI will be using a new numbering sequence for FBI Numbers.  That sequence will now allow second alpha characters from the letters A through Z.  To accommodate this change, please follow the instructions belowPlease be aware that if this patch is not downloaded prior to June 15th,  any attempts to process an FBI number using the new numbering range will fail due to the existing  edits in SJS.

Note:  This patch is only applicable to SJS Versions:  706r505, 706r522 and 707r612

Patch Installation Instructions 

  1. Download the file sjs-validators.xml (right click on the link and follow your browser’s save option).
  2. Overwrite the current file in the directory \apache-tomcat-5.5.28\webapps\sjs\WEB-INF\
  3. Restart the Apache Tomcat Service


SJS 7.0 Install and Upgrade Files

Save these files to your local PC by RIGHT-clicking each and selecting "Save Target As..." (or for for Firefox Users, "Save Link As..." ) and then select the location on your PC where you want to save the files. For help, please contact our Customer Contact Center (CCC) at: 1-800-262-3257


New Install:

Update instructions and release notes

War file:

Download the war file associated with your installation drive. Please contact the CCC at 1-800-262-3257 if you do not see your drive letter listed.

7.0 Patch files:

New SJS Installation

Please contact DCJS's SJS support at 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257 for an appointment to discuss your installation, in which we will provide you the appropriate set up instructions. New SJS installations will start at version 6.3, and will then need to be patched up to the current release.
For a new SJS installation, download the following:

Help Documentation:

SJS User Guide
Troubleshooting/Solutions Document
Trouble Ticket Form