Division of Criminal Justice Services

Program Manager Tutorial and Reference Guide

New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program

Download the Program Manager Tutorial and Reference Guide (PPT)


This PowerPoint presentation, which consists of over 150 slides, was developed and designed by Chief Douglas Robertson (East Syracuse Village Police Department); Chief Margaret Ryan (Dryden Village Police Department); and SGT Michael Crowell (Manlius Town Police Department). All have been associated with the Accreditation Program for many years and have amassed an impressive record of years of experience, not only in leading their own departments through successful accreditations and reassessments, but also as program managers and assessors.


This program is intended to provide program managers and their assistants with a reference of what documentation is required to successfully construct complete, assessment-ready standard folders. It is not intended to replace attendance at the DCJS sponsored Program Managers Workshop, but as a supplement to the workshop and to give some basic information to get Program Managers started on developing their folders prior to their attending the workshop. Those designated as their department's program manager should make every effort to attend the Program Managers Workshop to insure their complete understanding of the program, their responsibilities, and duties. Law enforcement chief executive officers of agencies participating in the program and any other personnel who will be playing a role in the Agency's accreditation process are also encouraged to attend a Program Managers Workshop.

The program also will give suggestions for various avenues of how to comply with the requirements of the standards and how to check existing policies to see if they meet all the bullet requirements of the standards.

Program Objectives

The program objectives are to allow the participants to:

  • Use the PowerPoint presentation as a reference tool when questions arise on what documentation is required for folder
  • Successfully construct complete file folders in preparation for an Assessment
  • Use the PowerPoint presentation as a reference tool when questions arise on what whether the policy submitted to the folder covers all the required bullets in the standard


First time agencies should review the program prior to beginning the File Folder construction. By doing so, the program managers and their assistants will have a basic concept of what is required for each file folder. Program managers should then review their policies, using the PowerPoint slides as a guide to insure all required bullets in the standard are addressed. The slide show then may used as a guide in collecting the required documentation for each folder.

Following the policy review and collection of documentation, the folders can now be constructed. The slide show once again should be utilized as a review/double check to insure the completeness of each file folder.