Division of Criminal Justice Services

Grants Management System
Amendment Process

OPDF has modified the process for doing grant amendments. Please make a note of the new procedure outlined below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Program Representative.

  • Grantee user will notify the OPDF Program Representative by email* or postal mail that a grant amendment is requested
    • Please include enough detail to enable the program Representative to evaluate the request; this information will serve as the justification for the amendment
  • The Program Representative will review the request for approval and, if appropriate, initiate the amendment process in GMS
  • GMS creates a duplicate copy of the grant project, incrementing the Project ID number upward by one (from D00 to D01, for example); the Project is now open for editing
  • The Program Representative will notify the grantee to make any necessary edits to the budget and/or workplan areas of the GMS Project (contract date changes will be edited by the Program Representative)
    • Once all edits are complete, SUBMIT the Project. GMS will send email to OPDF notifying the Program Rep that the amendment has been submitted
  • The Program Representative will finalize the amendment and route it through GMS for the Signatory's electronic acceptance, if applicable, and through Finance and State Control Agency approvals
    • Please note that for contracts initiated prior to 5/30/2006, OPDF will still be required to mail the signatory copies of a paper Appendix X to be signed and returned, if required
    • The Program Representative will notify the grantee when the amendment has been approved (and forward an executed copy of Appendix X for non-electronic signature contracts)
    • The DCJS-55 Budget Amendment Request form is no longer required for any amendment request. Budget changes must be completed in GMS, in line-item detail

*Emails to the Program Representative for your grant can be initiated through GMS, simply by clicking on the Program Representative's name in the Project Grid list of your grants.