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GMS User Information

The GMS system will be unavailable each Monday morning at 3am for a brief period.

This page is intended to update our users on the current status of changes to the GMS system.
Please check back frequently for the most current information.


NEWNew York State is in the process of implementing the New York State Vendor File, a centralized repository to maintain timely and reliable information on all vendors registered to do business with the State. All grant award recipients MUST register with the Vendor File and receive a Vendor ID.  GMS Help staff are working to update GMS with those Vendor IDs already established by our grantees. If you have not registered your agency or organization for a NYS Vendor ID, or are not sure if your organization has a Vendor ID, visit the State Comptroller's Website for information on registration.
To determine if your Vendor ID has been entered into GMS, open any GMS Project you have with us. Go to the Participants Tab. Click on your Participant Name. The field for SFS Vendor ID is displayed along with other address and identifying information.

If you have suggestions for the improvement of the GMS system or tips you would like to pass on to other users, please email them to GMS Technical Assistance.

OPDF Grant Processing with eSignatures

  • OPDF announces a solicitation for competitive grant applications or a direct award
  • A registered user for an organization logs into to GMS and
    • Creates a new application for funding (competitive solicitations)
    • Completes an existing application (directed awards)
  • Prior to submission of the application, user accesses the Certified Assurances and indicates acceptance of the assurances, if applicable (Federally-funded programs), then submits the application for approval
  • GMS notifies both OPDF and the grantee's signatory official that an application has been submitted
  • Once the application is approved and is in final contract form, the grantee's signatory official is notified that a contract is ready to be electronically signed
  • Registered Signatory logs into GMS and accesses the Acceptance Tab
    • Accepts all contract appendices
    • eSigns the contract
  • GMS notifies OPDF that the contract has been electronically signed
  • OPDF Director electronically signs the contract
  • A permanent, uneditable Adobe contract document is created with proofs of signing
    • OPDF staff generate a paper document for execution through the Office of the State Comptroller and the Attorney General (wherever applicable)
  • The final, executed contract is mailed to the grantee organization

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How to eSign DCJS Applications and Contracts

For Applications (Federally-funded grant programs only):

Once you have completed an application, but prior to submitting, go to the Acceptance Tab. In the table labeled "Assurance" click on the blue text of an Assurance to open and read it. When you are ready to accept the assurance on behalf of your organization, click "Certify". Repeat for additional assurances in the table as applicable. You may now submit your grant application. You DO NOT have to do anything with Appendices at this time.

For Contracts (all contracts, authorized Signatory Officials only):

Once you have received emailed notification from GMS that a contract is ready for signature and all local approval processes have been completed, open the indicated Project in GMS. Go to the Acceptance Tab. Below the Assurances you will see a table labeled "Appendix". All appendices required for this contract appear in this table except for Appendix B, Budget and Appendix D, Program Workplan, which are an integrated part of GMS. If you wish to view the Budget or Workplan, simply click on the applicable tab at the top of the screen.
When you are ready to accept the grant contract an all its appendices, click on the blue text of an appendix to open and read it. To accept the appendix, click "Certify". Repeat for additional appendices in the table as applicable.
Once all appendices have been certified, an "eSign" button will appear on the screen. Click the eSign button. A new screen is presented with a checkbox to indicate you are willing and authorized to accept the grant contract, and an eSign button. You must both check the box, and click the eSign button. Local acceptance of the grant contract is now complete. A tutorial is available to help with using eSignatures.

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GMS Tips:

  • If you're getting an error message when trying to access GMS, please double-check the URL ; it must be typed in exactly as given to you. Email GMS Technical Assistance if you need help. (Tip: Click on the URL given in your emailed registration confirmation; this should open your browser directly to the GMS site. Bookmark it, and you're all set.) NOTE: We are not in any way affiliated with the Federal GMS system; The DCJS GMS system is for the management of New York State criminal justice grants, only.
  • GMS is set to time-out the browser window after 30 minutes of inactivity, requiring you to log back in. Even if you are typing, GMS does not count that as activity unless you hit some function, such as 'Save'. To prevent the loss of data you've entered, please "Save" frequently.
  • If you are applying for re-funding of an existing program, you may use the "Copy" function (link on the left menu bar) to copy your existing grant into a new application. Please note that if you do this, you are still required to submit a new Budget and Work Plan, and to answer all Program Specific Questions.
  • When adding Participants and/or Contacts to your grant, use the Search function. Enter all or part of the name you wish to add (eg., 'Albany', or 'Jones'). The GMS team has endeavored to have all our existing grantees and contacts available in GMS for you to choose, saving the effort of having to manually enter them each time.
  • If you do need to add a new Participant or Contact, please be sure you have completed the entire entry before clicking "Save". Once an entry is added, it cannot be edited.
  • GMS was designed so that only the GMS System Operator can edit the stored Participants and Contacts in the system, to preserve the integrity of the data. If you attempt to submit an application, and GMS returns an incomplete field that you cannot edit (eg., Prefix in the Contact screen), contact GMS Technical Assistance . We can make the edit for you.
  • Tip for Budgets and Property (Equipment Inventory and Receiving Reports): Items with a unit cost of under $100 should be listed in both the project budget and Property Module as supplies or 'all other'. Items with a unit cost of $100 or more should be listed as Equipment and, in the Property Module, should be identified with a serial number.
  • Note on GMS and Staff Turnover: If the person in your agency who acts as the registered User for the GMS system should leave their position, please notify GMS Technical Assistance with the following information:
    • Name of prior User
    • Name and full contact information for new User
    • List of all Project numbers and/or DCJS numbers of your agency's grants

    The GMS TA staff will disable the prior User's password and issue a new one for the new user.

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